Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone *yawn*

I don't know about all of you out there, but we're beat around here. School starts back up tomorrow and I'm right there with the kids, wishing for even just one more day to relax or get something done around the house before I'm back to ultra busy mode. The weatherman says there is the possibility of snow tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a snow day! Then I would just have to stay home from work because the kids would all be home, and I could sleep in and...Oh, who am I kidding? If it actually ever snowed here in the desert, it would be the first time my kids have ever seen snow and they would have me dragged out there in the cold while they make snowmen and throw snowballs. Then they would start to cry because they are wet and freezing and they would then demand hot cocoa as they track in the mud and muck all over my floor...
Nevermind, I'll just go back to work thank you.

I have lots to show you in the ways of Christmas gift crafting, and I'm going to stretch it out as far as I can in hopes of keeping New Year's resolution #4 (update blogs once a week) alive and strong. It is rather nice to have a stockpile of newly handcrafted items to take pictures of for the blog. I shouldn't run out fun stuff for at least a few weeks!

Along with updating at least once a week, some of my more craftier resolutions for this year include learning how to knit, learning how to make (better) bread, learn how to make homemade pasta, plant a successful spring garden, teach my daughter how to sew, tackle the huge pile of things to be mended, pick up the paint brush again, finish my middle child's room re-do AND become a better photographer.

Sound ambitious? Don't let me fool you, I've spent the first two days of 2011 in my PJ's, walking the house in circles because I'm too tired (lazy) to do anything but I'm not quite sure how to just sit back and relax either.
Actually, it's not just me...

The girls are getting plenty of use out the PJ's and slippers I've sewed for them.

They are also wearing their Mario Beanies so they don't have to brush their hair.

When I asked to take their PJ picture, they had to run grab their stuffed animals so they could show off the matching PJ pants.

I wish I looked that cute in my PJ's...

How about you? Have you recouped from the Holidays yet? Do you have any resolutions, crafty or otherwise? What are your big plans for 2011?

I wish you all health, wealth, love, happiness and lots of creative inspiration this New Year!


  1. Too cute! Great job....and I also wish I looked that cute in my pj's but those times have long past!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute are those girls in their beanies and PJ's! So beautiful. And I like that one of your resolutions is to teach your daughter to sew – it's something I always wished my mom could have taught me (I had to learn it by myself, with much hideous trial and error!).

    Way to start the year, Rey!

  3. Those PJs are awesome. When my kids are those ages, I hope I can be at that craftiness level. You are amazing. That is so amazing that you made slipper too. Are they tough to make? I've been seeing patterns at the sewing store for baby shoes and have been intimidated by those.

    I wish I had started when I was young.

    I like your blog resolution. Then I can stay caught up with you, too! I posted my resolutions for our family. My craft-related one is to finish the projects I start.

    Happy new year to you and your lovely family.