Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ms. G and the Valentine's day skirt

Little Ms. G comes to me every Sunday with so many sewing ideas and projects in her pretty little head. There's some BIG ambition in that tiny package that is Ms. G. I offered my girls a private lesson later on, so I could devote the full two hours to Ms. G. They didn't get their feelings hurt. The little time we spend at home on Sundays are their relaxing and video game time. So while they were having a Donkey Kong marathon in the other room, Ms. G and I had the sewing machine all to ourselves.
I've been somewhat busy planning a baby shower for my sister and neglected to think out a proper sewing lesson for this week. But when I was looking through my fabric closet for baby shower linens, I found some red cotton fabric I had left over from a party I did a year ago. Valentine's Day is coming up, and I wondered if we could put it to use. Well, since "skirt" was on Ms. G's list of things to make, I asked her if she already had an outfit for Valentine's Day, when she said she didn't, we agreed a Valentine's skirt was a great idea for this weeks project.
So, a remnant piece of red fabric and a couple of coordinating scraps later-

oh, and a whole lotta wonderful STRAIGHT lines later-

on the BIG sewing machine no less-

Voila! We have a cute little Valentine's Day skirt!

Add some tights and a white shirt and she'll be Valentine chic!

Good job Ms. G. I'm very proud of how well you are doing!


  1. Lovely! And it will definitely be chic.

    You're inspiring me to get going on some of my own valentine's projects.

    You should definitely be proud of your student.

  2. Love it! I have a severe weakness for rick-rack on anything and this is just TOO cute! Great job Ms. G! I am so impressed with her sewing and your teaching abilities!

  3. That little sweetie. I want to shower her in candy hearts.

  4. Thanks Emily! I'm a little star struck having you stop by!

  5. I'm glad she has not given up!!! She's very determined!!!