Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new student

Ms. G and I haven't had a sewing lesson in three weeks, due to the the nasty flu virus deciding to attack my little family.
But all is well now and we're back on track!
Not only did my girls decide to join the lesson today (when they heard what we were making) but so did my cousin's daughter (we'll call her Sassy D). Sassy D got a Singer Simple for Christmas from her grandma, as well as a very cute sewing kit and goodies that we were all drooling over. She brought them along when she came to visit my daughter who is almost the same age, and joined in on the fun.
We made these-

I found the tutorial and pattern here.
I just printed out the pattern so each girl had a sheet of their own to practice cutting out a pattern with. It was a nice, easy shape for beginners and even my six year old was able to do it without any problems.
I think next time we'll at least triple the size as they were fairly small and only a little bigger than a baseball.

I think these would make cute toddler gifts as well, especially in a larger size or a variety of sizes. It took us an hour and a half to sew them. That is, five girls taking turns between two machines and me running around trying to help everyone with each step. So I'm pretty sure for those of you who sew, you could whip a couple of these out in no time!
Sassy D. did a beautiful job, especially for her first time. She caught right on and I only had to show her once how to operate the machine before she was taking off on her own!
Here she is one last time-
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Isn't she such a cutie patootie?!
Oh, and that fabric ball ain't too shabby either!


  1. Yes, indeed a cutie patootie! SO glad to see you guys are well and back on track! I've been wondering what was going on with you and thought I might have send a little message to check in soon. Welcome back and here's to good health!

  2. These would be perfect toddler toys. And look at that proud little face. (I'll bet there was another, on the other end of the camera.) Beautiful!

    YOU are living right, my friend.

  3. Great project idea - I see this in our future. How wonderful it is you are doing this. And how wonderful for the young ladies who are learning.

    In all jest - you could have a little sweat shop in no time!

  4. Artichoke Alley: Thanks for the well wishes! And thanks for noticing my absence! I will be getting over to your place tonight to see what new and exciting things you've been working on!

    Averildean: That comment makes my heart smile, thank you.

    T Rex Mom: I thought of your little ones when I saw this! And with all those wonderful homemade gifts you give, I could see you throwing in one of these little guys on occasion. And the girls are teaching me too, quite a lesson in organization and patience!

  5. these girls are gonna follow after their momma and ain't bad!