Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Surprises

I had to wait a whole week to share these with you because I promised Ms. G I wouldn't ruin her Valentine's Day surprises for her parents.
But today is the day after Valentine's, and so I can show you the cute little things she made for them.

For her momma, she made this pretty little check book cover.

For her daddy, well, daddies can be hard to sew for. So she made something the two of them could enjoy together. A travel tic tac toe game.

I call it a "travel" game because it has this little pocket for the pieces.

And it folds up so you can take it with you.

I highly recommend felt for learning to sew on. It holds nice and still and is easy to manipulate around the machine. Great for practicing straight lines.
And boy are her lines getting straighter! And other than wanting to be a speed racer on the big machine (because it goes much faster than her little one) she's gaining much more control over the pedal and feeding the machine. She continues to impress me.
However, the most impressive thing so far...

The fact that she can wait a WHOLE WEEK to surprise her parents! Girl is stronger than I!!!


  1. I agree - felt rocks, especially for newbies. And she has a great teacher! Great surprises. Flannel is my next favorite for beginners.

  2. The little hearts! The tiny pouches! And that face ... Sigh.

    My son crocheted me a cover for my Kindle, with a flap over the top with three crocheted flowers and loops to hold it closed. I love it and use it every day. Homemade gifts are always the best kind.

  3. I love that your son can crochet! Maybe he can teach me??!!
    And yes, I agree that homemade gifts are the best!