Thursday, August 5, 2010

The start of something new.

I'm addicted to Etsy. No seriously, addicted. As if scrolling through the daily email advertisements weren't enough. I could get lost on the site for hours. This means spending too much time looking and not enough time creating!
But the site is great for inspiration no doubt. A year ago I would mention Etsy and few people knew what I was talking about. Now it is huge and hardly a stranger to anyone within the crafting/creating community.
For some time now I've dreamt of having my own Etsy shop to sell my little hand crafted items and such. Perhaps one day I will have the confidence (and inventory) to put my creations out there for the world to see and buy.
As for right now, I'm gonna start right here. This blog is all about me time. The time when I can trade my mommy jeans in for something a bit fashionable. The time when I hang up the housewife apron and put on the chef jacket. This blog is the place where I will share what inspires me and hopefully it will serve as a safe place to share what I've created!


  1. I LOVE etsy - my favorite seller is Knotty Baby Legs - check her stuff out. Very cool.

    I'll have to watch and see what transpires on your blog!

    So what are you going to do with the gingham?

    And I am a fabric addict - I have lots of fabric stashed away and will find it and throw something together just when I need it. It's great not having to go to the store to buy something!

  2. Yes T R Mom, I am way addicted to fabric! I have oodles but I just can't get enough! Right now I'm pretty sure I will be making a skirt for my oldest daughter for school. I'm teaching her how to sew this summer! I would like something for myself so I may make a little tote for my books or maybe a knitting bag.
    When you're not in new baby/school/super busy mode, you should totally have a blog on your crafts! I know I'd read it, I've seen how talented you are!