Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cookin' Up a Storm

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Since my Mr. has been home for the summer I've really gotten to enjoy our time together in the kitchen. I love having a partner who gets (almost) as excited about food as I do, and who is always willing to try new things.
We work pretty well together in the kitchen, alternating between Head Chef and Sous.

Last week we got an Asian pack with our co-op basket. This is what we made with it:

Egg foo young is my Mr.'s favorite Chinese dish. He's been wanting to try to make it for some time. I can't find the recipe he used, but it was absolutely delish!

We made crab Rangoon twice because they're just that good! We just use a mixture of cream cheese, imitation crab, green onions, soy sauce and a dash of garlic powder and seal them up into little square won tons before frying.
The Shrimp Fritters recipe came from here, and although I wished I would have made a sauce to go with them, they were still really good on their own.
The Chicken with Bok Choy was just stir-fried together with some mushrooms and a bottle of teriyaki sauce.

A few weeks ago I made some homemade sauce from the abundance of grape tomatoes in our garden.

The sauce sat in our fridge for a week and needed to be used, so I threw together this tortellini one day for the kids. There was only a small serving left when they were through!

I have a bunch more tomatoes that need to be used, so I believe I will be making this again!

This was so rich but really, really good! The Mr. has a new found love for stinky cheeses. He's made several batches of homemade blue cheese dressing, and this is just one of a couple feta recipes he's tried. I'm so proud! (sheds tear)

I'm not sure what this sauce is. But it is by far the best stuff I've tasted in a long while. It has green tomatoes and avocado. That's all I know. If the Mr. decides to share his "secret recipe" with me, then I'll let you know ; )

We've been wanting to try these for some time. I can't believe how "meaty" and filling these are! And the pesto mayo sauce complimented them nicely! I got the recipe from here.

Alright, I saved the best discovery for last! For those of you who can't eat dairy, or are trying to cut down on your sugars, this recipe if for you! It is super easy and delicious with or with out the additions to it. This is Banana "Ice cream", except, it's not ice cream at all! It's just frozen bananas! I got the idea from here. We made the version from the recipe which called for nutella. It was our favorite. But we also made plain banana and a batch where we added strawberries, which were wonderful too! Who knew that bananas could get creamy like ice cream?!

What about you? Have you discovered any new recipes this summer? What's in season where you live? Did you know this secret banana trick already? Or have I been under a rock all my life?!

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  1. Everything looks oh so delicious. Every time you put up photos of your cooking I have to go eat something.

    And those baby headband is cute but not quite as cute as the babe wearing it!