Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Food Faves

Happy 4th of July!

We don't have any real big or concrete plans for the 4th. But we did do a little BBQ with some friends today! And being a three-dayer, we've had the chance to make some pretty yummy dishes.
Here's our faves so far:

This was so dang good! The Mr. made this using two different recipes. This one for the blue cheese dressing, and this one for the chicken. We had lots of lettuce that needed to be used, so he made a salad out them!

The Mac & Cheese in this meal was the favorite. It's another PW recipe. I highly recommend it!

We've been getting an over-abundance of grape tomatoes from our garden.

So of coarse we had to make a bunch of this-

I know apple pie is supposed to be the all American dessert, but isn't carrot cake a close second?

This recipe has been a favorite for several years now. If you haven't discovered it, you should definitely try it out. I always get good feedback when I take them to potlucks! The only thing different, is I used up the last of some vanilla bean frosting I made a couple weeks ago. The cream cheese based frosting can last a little while, but this stuff was so delicious from all that vanilla bean caviar, I didn't want to chance it going to waste!

Tell me, what do you have cookin' this Holiday weekend? Are you firing up the grill? Or are you cooking inside in an attempt to beat the heat?!


  1. we had to bbq during a break in the storm! we got rained out over here. hoping we still get fireworks tonight.

  2. I hope it went well! It was overcast all day and it rained for a bit, but it ended up being quite nice!
    Happy 4th anyhow!

  3. food looks really good, I'm hungry now.