Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Vacation

The family and I took a little vacation a few weeks ago. Our original plans of cruising the California coast, blew up in a cloud of smoke alongside the air-conditioning motor in our van. Not knowing how much it was going to cost to fix, or how long it would take to get it fixed (and it still isn't fixed...), we decided that sticking close to home was probably the best idea for this years family vacation.
So we crammed ourselves into our little Mitsubishi, who, although cramped as she is, has a beautifully working air conditioning system, and headed from the sweltering 110 degree heat of our hometown, to the blistering 115 degree heat of Las Vegas.

It certainly wasn't the best time of year for walking the strip, so we were sure to get some massive pool time in, and we ate as many cold treats as we could find.

Whenever we go away on vacation, I always try to bring back something new. Some new piece of information, be it a lesson on the history of a new place we visited, or seeing or tasting something for the first time. I wasn't sure this could be done while being in a place I thought I already knew so well. But I did learn quite a few things along the way.

I learned some interesting history on the Titanic via the exhibit at the Luxor. We were able to view actual artifacts and even a piece of the ship itself, as well as learn the story behind the building of Titanic, and what happened on that tragic night when 1,517 people lost their lives to the sea. Seeing the names of both the deceased and the survivors really hit me harder than I thought it would. I was choking back tears by the end of the tour, and feeling much closer to the story than I ever felt from the articles I've read and the movies I've seen on the subject.
It was a truly humbling experience.

I also learned that beautiful things can grow in the desert in the dead of July. (Or is it the $$$ in gardeners and water?)

I learned that Cesar's Palace & The Bellagio have some wonderful gelato vendors! Here's the girls before we headed over to CP to get some.

I've been thinking about it ever since and have been trying to satisfy my craving with a homemade mango sorbet. The sorbet is good, but not near as good as the gelato! I'll be posting the sorbet recipe soon.

I learned (the hard way) to inquire about prices if you don't see a sign indicating one. The "fill your bag" option at M&M world ended up costing us a little over $70! They were $12.99 per pound! YIKES! My poor husband about had a heart attack!

And I learned from my children that it doesn't really matter where they spend their vacation. As long as we are together, and they have a comfy place to sleep-

and a big pool to swim in-

any place away will surely suffice!

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  1. Indeed, if you are together having fun that's all that matters. Glad it was a nice vacation. I hope the air conditioning is fixed soon - horrible month for it to happen in. Sigh.