Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School Clothes

This summer I swore I was going to make all of my soon to be Kindergartner's clothing for the upcoming school year. Not only did the summer pass by far too quickly to get anything done, but I unexpectedly found some really good sales on clothing that I couldn't pass up.

It used to be economical to make your own clothes. Now days it is often quite a bit cheaper to purchase clothing rather than the material to make your own. With non-sale material running an average of $7 per yard, double that to make a child sized outfit, well then, you might as well settle for that $8 dress at Wal-Mart or even better, two dresses at the outlet or three at the thrift shop!

I happened to find my deals on a good day at JCPennies. Sales + coupons + friendly cashier willing to let me ring things up in separate transactions to get the extra $20 off per $80 spent = a good reason to just buy the school clothes!
My Kindergartner did pick out some material early in the summer, and so I am keeping my promise and making her some skirts for school. I will only give her a few right away, and the others I will be putting away for Christmas. Here is one she will be wearing tomorrow.

Gathered skirts are super easy. They take very little time and look really cute.

Matching hair bows are pretty easy too. Though, it is not a talent I have perfected. I think I need to make some more this weekend for practice!

Extra large ricrac makes for an easy and cute finish! I heart ricrac!

Isn't that the cutest owl material? I just love owls, and I'm glad Ms. Kindergartner does too!

Making these makes me realize how much I miss sewing! Maybe the extra day off for Labor Day this weekend will allow me some sewing time! (Crosses fingers!)

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  1. Love it! I just purchased some owl print to make some pants for the little girl to match a body suit I purchased from one of our favorite etsy shoppes.

    I'll have to try this shirt when little girl gets a bit bigger.

    I am also hoping Labor Day will allow for some crafting, too! Looking forward to see what you come up with!