Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comfort food

I just love comfort food.
It's easy, usually time saving, delicious and, well, comforting.
Over the past few weeks we've been eating mainly crock pot meals, casseroles and soups.
This is partially due to the season change and mainly due to our shortage of time in our household.
I've gradually been working on stocking our freezer with make ahead meals. This weekend I've added a chicken, rice and broccoli casserole.

That is a breading on the top. It will hopefully be similar to the Stouffers Casserole in the freezer section of your favorite market. But without all those preservatives and unnecessary fillers.

I also made some more enchiladas with the delicious left over sauce my Mr. made last week. Those always freeze quite nicely.

The crock pot is an old friend I've been getting reacquainted with again.

And of coarse the comforting sides (usually biscuits) that are likely to accompany the slow cooker meals. They too are wonderful.

Our favorite casserole from last week was this Chicken Florentine Recipe.
Here's what you do:

I will pour it over egg noodles next time (I have another in the freezer). The flavor was wonderful though! We enjoyed it as is but we all agreed it felt like something was missing! So yes, egg noodles or rice next time for sure!

And just because I took pictures of it, here are some apple sauce making pics.
I never posted these after the last canning post. The apple sauce turned out really good. We had nice sweet apples and so there was no sugar needed. I just added a little cinnamon.

I just love that little food mill!

This comfort food item is something that I've been wanting to make for a while.

These are not, however, "time-saving". I started the process on Saturday night so the dough would be ready on Sunday morning.
I used the dough recipe from here, and the frosting/glaze recipe from here.
My kids were so excited. Cinnamon rolls are one of their favorite comfort foods.

This week we are trying a new meatloaf recipe and for the first time...okra!
We got a bagful of okra in our last co-op basket. It may not be a typical comfort food for me, but I know it is in the South.
I've only tried it once. It was a frozen bag I boiled and it was extremely slimey. If you have any tips or recipes for okra let me know!
I will report back on how our little "okra experiment" goes!

I hope you enjoy your seasonal comfort food. I know I am!


  1. Wow! I want to start eating at Cafe a La Rey's! Such yummy comfort foods. I would be endlessly happy if I ate all that!

    Makes me want to make some stew!

  2. I really like pickled okra, haven't tried the fresh stuff. I hear it's good breaded and fried. Between you and T Rex Mom, I seriously want to do some canning!