Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asian Birthday Party

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My middle child is into all things Asian. From sushi and chopsticks, to kimonos and anime, she adores it all.
So naturally, the idea for an Asian themed Birthday party was perfect for her.

We started out by looking the part. This is something my kids really enjoy, dressing up to go along with the theme of their party. It makes them feel extra special on their special day. A good friend was kind enough to lend us this costume kimono when I failed to finish the homemade one I was working on. But all was good and she was very happy with the borrowed one!

We rearranged some furniture and did a little decorating. I found these really cute Kawaii style printables from this Etsy store. It was a lot of cutting out, but the kids were great helpers!

All the tags, banners, flags, napkin rings and almost anything paper came from the Etsy package.

We used some of the printables to decorate the little take out boxes the guests brought their treats home in.

And to make napkin rings for holding these pretty chopsticks we found online here.
And Birthday hats-

And cupcake wrappers-

Cute little fans-

Fun little soda straw flags that say "Happy Birthday" in Japanese-

Once all the guests arrived, we started the party off with a little art project. I love to give the kids something creative to do at each party. Gets their little brains going and keeps them nice and busy!

Then while the art was drying, we played a nice game of "pin the blossom on the branch".

When that was all done, we sat down for a light lunch of mock sushi ham & cheese sandwiches with carrot & pickle.

Or PB&J for those who preferred it.

We also had fresh fruit, chips, dip, sesame crackers, of coarse these fried wontons.

Oh, and these lovely little mochi balls.

They all had a blast eating the food with their new chopsticks!

When lunch was finished we blew out candles and had our cupcakes and ice cream.

Then opened up some super cool presents like this ninja rubber ducky that was a part of a big rubber ducky collection!

Before the guests left we had them fill up a take out box with delicious treats like strawberry pocky-

And some more mock sushi rolls made from rice krispy treats, gummy worms, Swedish fish and fruit roll ups.

Regular and chocolate dipped fortune cookies with sprinkles.

Each box already contained some chocolate filled Japanese panda cookies we picked up from the World Market.
They each also got to take home a box containing a coloring page from the kit we got from Etsy, some color crayons, Hello Kitty bubbles, a paper fan, some balloons and their chopsticks and bamboo mat they ate with.

Overall I think it was a very nice age appropriate party for our newly nine year old. She had a great turn out and I was so happy she could share it with her friends!
Thanks for stopping by to check it out! Domo Arigato!


  1. Oh, WOW! I SO want you to have a birthday party or any kind of party for me! How wonderful this looked. Our little girl loves sushi, too. But for now, we had to cut her off from the raw stuff. But last night, she ate her daddy's rice from his rolls.

    Such great ideas all around. I bet it was a huge hit. Such talent you posses.

  2. Seriously WOW!!! You are amazingly talented in so many ways. I am so gonna call you the next time I am planning a birthday party. Love your blog.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Sorry we're so far away T Rex Mom, I'd love to help with a party!
    And K, you are right next door so if you ever need help, or need to borrow anything just come on over!