Sunday, June 26, 2011

Story Board & Website Suggestions

I was just playing around with some story boards.
I've been website shopping for something to display my photos better than here. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a crisp, clear image while in Photoshop, only to upload it here and have it lose it's appeal. I am open to suggestions if anyone has one...please...


  1. Well, it's nice when you have such a naturally lovely starting point. I have not suggestions but I think your work is lovely as are your daughters.

  2. You are amazing! I love those pics so much. Okay so what exactly are you looking for cuz I can give some suggestions on how to upload your pics a little bigger and crisper?

  3. Yes! Bigger & crisper! I leave them full sized but when I upload them they shrink and somewhat distort. I figured it was blogger, because they have a limit on size and pixels.
    Thanks so much! (and thanks so much for the compliments, means more than you know!)