Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mmmm Food

One of the best things about summer is the fact that my hubby is home! He is a school teacher, so he gets to spend the summers at home, being the best house husband ever!
He is really good about doing the prep work for the recipes I want to try, so when I walk in the door from work, I can throw on the apron and still have time afterwards to relax and enjoy my evening.
He's also getting pretty darn good with the barbecue!

Here are some summer recipes we have enjoyed so far.

Jerk Shrimp
Super spicy but everyone loved it! Just make sure you have a salad to go along with it to help cool it off!

Grilled Corn on the Cobb
The kids love corn on the cobb, and we've always wanted to try grilling it. Grilling really does give it a nice flavor.

Perfect Pot Roast
The temperature finally hit 100 degrees here this week. With that being said, I will be making this recipe via crock pot, even though I love making it in my dutch oven.

My man's favorite salad.
I got the onion strings recipe here. This is a salad my husband will actually eat. It may be due to the fact that it has fried onions, avocado, bacon, grilled chicken and homemade ranch dressing. Ya know, all the things that make a salad not healthy anymore! But it is so very yummy!

Marlboro Man Sandwich
Wow! Super yummy! But so very filling! A half was too much! My Mr. quite enjoyed this hearty sandwich!

Breakfast! (homemade hash browns, homegrown sausage & bacon, fresh eggs and whole grain toast)

One of the cool things about summer- no rules! Well, at least when it comes to whats for dinner. Which means we can enjoy breakfast for dinner and feel just fine about it!

Cream cheese sopapilla & homemade vanilla bean ice cream
This thing is sinful. Seriously, if you care at all about your waistline or your cholesterol, don't make this. I found this sopapilla recipe over a year ago, but I've only made it a few times. Its extremely rich. The ice cream is just as rich too, but they somehow were made for each other. I actually do care about the health of my family, at least enough to know I shouldn't make this too often!

Don't worry, we've also been enjoying lots of fresh fruits and veggies from our garden. It is hopefully balancing out all the naughty things we've been eating!
I will share a garden post soon!

What are your favorite summer treats or recipes? Is there something new you've tried and really enjoyed? Is there an old favorite that you just have to have every summer?Or are you, unlike us, being extra good so you rock that bathing suit?


  1. We're really into homemade ice cream this year. So that means, if we're going to be good, lots of working out to balance all that ice cream fun. Although, our son refuses ice cream and asks for spinach. I have a video of this that I need to post because no one believes me.

    Rey, you all must enjoy meal times so much. Everything looks delicious. That pot roast looks so delicious. Mmmm.

  2. I believe you! My kids never had the normal toddler cravings. They were all about steamed artichokes and grilled salmon!

    And yes, I do enjoy mealtimes, just a little too much though! Maybe if I didn't enjoy cooking so much I'd actually make my goal weight!